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Thank you @Pielover6g! Can't wait to release it for you guys :)
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Thank you! @Cairo2k18 :)
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Greetings Adventurers! Today I come to discuss three out of six of our server features. As a player with four hearts. You will be able to go on this brave new grand adventure in which you will be able to build communities and fight other ones with lands, face your darkest demons with Blood Moons, and be able to build yourself into something maybe not even you would have thought of. Welcome Adventurers to NexGN Skylands.| Skylands Above is a work in progress photo of Skylands. Similar to a normal Minecraft world there are caves, mobs on all levels, and many different biomes to explore. Since this is in the sky you will be limited on sea lanterns and other aquatic-themed blocks & items. But you will be able to purchase these blocks & items at the spawn from a vendor. While we have most of, if not all of the Minecraft biomes, we decided it would also be a good idea to add new trees into the environment. So we did! Not only can these trees be found naturally in the world but you can also grow them using saplings! NEW TREES PHOTO ALBUM! [CLICK HERE] * Work In ProgressAfter our work on Skylands, it was important for us to then give a drive for progression and so we did. | Blood Moons“Unknown to many ears is a secret that has traveled eons through the darkest and the deepest of places. A truly evil kind that is unlike any other and now risen upon us from its long deep slumber and when it awakes, we shall perish by its mighty wrath or it shall perish by our righteous hands.”Blood Moons are coming to Skylands, yes! Every few weeks there will be a blood moon event. In this Blood Moon event mobs from unknown corners of the NexGN Universe will come and terrorize the Overworld. It is your job as a commoner to protect yourselves, your lands, and most of all your people!By doing so you will gain armor and items beyond your wildest imaginations. Items that will be useful later on in the calendar year *wink wink*. Speaking of progression, boy do I have a feature for you!| Altars A sense of progression is one of our many concerns when it comes to the gameplay experience. As a player, you will want to grow, conquer, and expand yourself as you move throughout our server. With Altars, you will be able to not only upgrade your hearts but also create rare but helpful charms that will help you in battle with your foes. The two altars you can make are Health Altars & Mob Altars. [CLICK HERE TO SEE ALTARS] | Mob Altar1. Building- You will need 3 Gold Blocks, 1 Obsidian, and 1 Enchantment Table. - Find a good area for it & build it! (PRO TIP: If you want to hide the diamond or gold blocks you can place carpet over them and the altar will still work!)2. Usage- You will need a combination of three different Mob Shards (You get these from killing mobs!) - Once you have it you will throw them down on your Mob Altar and click the enchantment table. Boom! You’ve got your very own charm.On release I will be releasing a full detailed post on all five Mob Charms you can make.| Health Altar1. Building- You will need 3 Diamond Blocks, 1 Obsidian, and 1 Enchantment Table. - Find a good area for it & build it! (PRO TIP: If you want to hide the diamond or gold blocks you can place carpet over them and the altar will still work!)2. Usage For Permanent Heart- You will need Souls. These are found by killing mobs!Once you have three souls, throw them down on your health altar and click the enchantment table. Boom! You’ve got a new Heart.3. Usage For Temporary Heart- You need shards! Any of them will do. - Once you have at least three, throw them down on your health altar and click the enchantment table. Boom! You’ve got a new Temporary Heart.| Roll The Credits Thank you so much for reading this post, before you leave I just want to give some credit to the people who are helping make this project possible.Artists- andieclipsa- FiftyWalrusTexture Artists- Hunter- toxteerBuilders- Slimeee- Stress_7ZStaff- Cairo2k18Admins- Xemah (Web Developer)- KadotyGamer (System Admin)Additional Help- ShadowMaster23 (Tester) While the road ahead is still a bit daunting your support for this project is what keeps it going. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this. Make sure to sign up for forums and tell us what you are excited about in the comment section.
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We understand this sub-category named "Showcase Your Creations" may be a bit vague as to what kind of creations and what it means by showcasing them so we've made this sticky post to help answer some of your FAQs.   Why was the Showcase Your Creations sub-category made? We at NexGn abosolutely love seeing your creations, whether they be builds in Minecraft, IRL Artwork, Pixel Art, etc. So we made a sub-category on our forums to give you guys the perfect place to do that!   What should I post on the Showcase Your Creations sub-category? As the name suggests this sub-category is all about you showing the forum members and staff your amazing creations! Have any builds, art, pixel art, etc you've been dying to show someone? This is the perfect place to post it!
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We understand a lot of you are trying to figure out the forums and are wondering what each sub-category is for, so we made this one to answer a few FAQs about the Server Discussion sub-category.   Why was the Server Discussion sub-category made? The Server Discussion sub-category was made so that players and staff had a place to discuss the server like upcoming updates, feature ideas, events, bugs, game modes, etc.   What should I post in the Server Discussion sub-category? Anything related to the server that you would like to discuss with others about is a fine topic to post in the sub-category, as I listed earlier, upcoming updates, feature ideas, bugs, events, etc are all things that we love to see discussed and this is exactly the right sub-category to post those discussions in.
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