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This looks awesome! Can't wait for release.
3 months ago
Hello! In order to report another player, you must use a specific format in both the post title and content to ensure our staff team can easily understand and manage reports, failure to comply may result in your report being declined and continued incompliance will result in a punishment being placed on your forum account. NOTE: Evidence is required!   Post Title: Report against Offender's IGN Post Content: Offender's IGN: Your IGN: Date and timezone of when the offence took place: The offence the player committed: Evidence:
9 months ago
That would be cool!
10 months ago
Just curious, what does everyone think of the server? Why do you like/dislike it? How many souls are you at? How much money do you have? etc   I currently have I don't know how many souls since scoreboard broke and $717,211 cash (if you need a small amount of money /msg me in game and i'll gladly help you out <3)   And I like the server because I find the way how you start off with a small amount of hearts an interesting and fun way to play!
10 months ago
We understand that this sub-category named "Ideas And Feedback" is a little vague on what it means by Ideas and Feedback, so we wanted to make this sticky post to answer some of your FAQs.   What was the Ideas And Feedback sub-category made for? As the name suggests this sub-category is made for members and staff alike to post their feedback and or feature ideas.   What should I post in the Ideas And Feedback sub-category? Again, as the name suggests, this sub-category is for you to post any feedback and or feature ideas you have for NexGn. We absolutely love seeing your ideas and we make it a goal to implement as many of your feature ideas as possible.
10 months ago
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