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Verade Verade6 months ago
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That's right folks! We've released and we got lots to talk about.

First off, I'd like to say how happy we are for releasing this week and doing advertisements. Within the first 5-8 hours of doing small advertisements on sites we so far have reached 17 players concurrently. While to a lot of people this is low, for us this is a huge goal to have reached. Moving on from that, we've also started a
HUGE 40% SALE in the store. Which you can check out [CLICK HERE] 

So what have we done since we've released...

Verade Verade7 months ago
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  • Lots! We've changed a lot! New name, new logo, new discord, new bot, and much more!
  • New Gamemode: We are focusing our creativity on Survival! So far we've gotten very far and are planning on releasing the server December 21st
  • Will t...